Amazon eGift Card Review- Worth Using it? READ ON!

If you are here, you’re probably run through a couple of Amazon eGift Card reviews to know whether it’s the real deal or not.

Well, if you want to know the truth about Amazon eGift card, you may want to read this shocking review. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Amazon eGift Card a Quick Overview

If you want a gift card that never expires, then you need to try the eGift cards.

The card can be redeemed towards millions of products at various sites such as,,, as well as selected affiliated websites.

The good thing is that the eGift is available for instant delivery or you can opt to schedule it in advance for a period of one year.

With the eGift card, you are only allowed to buy eligible goods and services from Amazon store and selected stores as indicated in the eGift card terms and conditions.

However, it is essential to note that there are no refunds and returns on eGift cards.

The Price of Amazon eGift Cards

The eGift cards can be acquired in virtually any amount, from as little as 1 dollar to as much as 2000 dollars.

Upon receiving this eGift card, I was given the option to spend its value instantly or deposit it into my Amazon account and then wait for a flash sale to use it.

Best of it all, any eGift that has not been used can be rolled over to another shopping period.

The Features of eGift Cards

  • Animated gift cards – it is possible to make an animated gift card with various animated designs
  • Use your own photo – one can integrate a personal touch to the gift card by utilizing your own image in the design.
  • Schedule in advance – if you desire, it is possible to specify a delivery date up to one year in advance of the purchasing date.
  • Easy to send – the gift card can be sent via text, email, as well as any messaging application such as Facebook.

Top eGift Cards

  • Gift cards
  • Birthday gift cards
  • Thank you gift cards
  • Wedding gift cards
  • Congratulations gift cards
  • New baby gift card

Amazon eGift card- Real Deal or Not?


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The Pros and Cons of eGift Cards

In the present marketplace, it is common to come across customers that demand flexibility and choice when buying eGifts online, and I am one of them!

Some pros of eGift cards that I have enjoyed include ease of use, ease of purchase, and general flexibility that makes them the best choice for gift buyers across the world.

Other pros and cons I have come across are as indicated below:

What I Like About Amazon eGift Card (Pros)

  • With millions of items offered on their site, an Amazon eGift card provided me with access to an extraordinary range of things in one secure and simple-to-navigate online store.
  • One eGift card can be loaded with an amount as high as $2000. This gives me the chance to gift as little or as much as I want.
  • The eGift card can be purchased at any time of the day or night, which means that I can still use it to make purchases late at night at the comfort of my sofa.
  • It allows me to shop from to shop from my PC, phone, laptop, or iDevice with ease.
  • With fast shipping and turnaround times, alongside modern processing systems, the purchases I make at Amazon using the gift cards typically arrive at my doorstep quickly and well-packaged.
  • To ascertain customer satisfaction, eGift has a reliable customer team, including a team for solving problems that arise. This means that I can trust that the purchase I make will be delivered as projected and on time. If for any unexpected reason Amazon is unable to deliver, they will be more than ready to help.

What I Don’t Like About Amazon eGift Card (Cons)

The fact that it’s an eGift card, the value on my eGift card should be treated like real currency.

In case that the eGift card is misplaced, stolen or lost, Amazon does not assume any responsibility.

Amazon requires me to keep my gift card regardless of whether it’s hardcopy or virtual. It is thus crucial to ascertain the safety of your eGift at all times.

How to Purchase an Amazon eGift Card

The Amazon eGift cards can be purchased from their official website.

  • Go to Amazon and login to your account. You can register a new account if you do not have one yet; the registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes.
  • When you get into your account, tap on the ‘gift card’ link which is situated on the top of the menu list. This action allows one to access the gift card store.
  • Select the format of the gift card you need to buy. Amazon gift cards are offered in three formats: mailable, printable, and electronic. They can thus be delivered via Facebook or email, for posting to the recipient in a gift box or card, or for printing at home. Gift boxes and physical gift cards can only be sent or delivered to US addresses. On the other hand, all electronic gift cards can be delivered to any email address across the globe. Choose your delivery method before proceeding.
  • Now, choose the gift card you want. Select the design and occasion on the screen that follows. It is possible to personalize a gift card by incorporating a photo and/or a customized message. One can also customize it to replicate the celebration, such as a wedding or birthday.
  • Enter the value of your gift card (the amount can be anything from $1 to $ 2000) and fill in the extra information such as the name of the recipient, the addresses of the recipient, as well as mailing address. Click the ‘purchase’ button after verifying that every detail is entered correctly.
  • Choose the payment method, input the payment details and approve the transaction. This is the process of purchasing a gift card from Amazon. Congratulations!

Final Remarks

The convenience of being able to send eGift cards is fast, easy, and instant. I can schedule the eGift card to get to me whenever I want. This is cool.

For instance, I can spend some time setting up all the graduation gifts, holiday gifts, or birthday gifts I want to send within a year. I pick the arrival date, and then the eGift cards arrive on a set day. That is incredibly awesome!

Since I am the type of person that remembers birthday dates and forgets as the birthday approaches, this method of purchasing eGifts from Amazon has saved me a couple of brushes.

With the schedule advance purchase, I can now order gifts for my friends early, and they receive them on a specific day.

The upload interfaces and resizing of the image I upload works very quickly and easily. I can also track the eGift card and see the ‘status’ if it has been redeemed or not. always sends me a reminder whenever the card has been redeemed or has an issue. I also love the way the gift card offers me a choice of what I want to purchase.

From my past and present experience, I guarantee that you will not waste your hard earned money by acquiring the gift cards from Amazon.

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