Best Home Gyms 2019- In-depth Reviews and Complete Buyer’s Guide!

Best Home Gyms 2019: In-depth Reviews and Complete Buyer’s Guide!


Best Home Gyms


Keeping fit has never been essential than it is today. Gyms have become a must in this century. The best home gyms provide exceptional convenience, geared towards allowing you to reach your fitness goals much quicker.


Working out from your house offers convenience and numerous benefits. Having the best home gym 2019 may be what you require to ascertain you get what you have been looking for.


A home gym is a good asset for you and your family. Having a home gym also ensures that your kids grow up physically fit.


Due to the growing need of home gyms, a lot of home gyms have flooded the market. Now, most of you may be wondering about the best home gym to purchase.


In this home gyms review, you will get to know the best home gyms 2019. After going through the review, you will have an easier time selecting a home gym.


Below is the review of the home gyms:


Home Gyms Buyer’s Guide

Since you want to take your home exercises to the next level, buying a home gym is a good decision. You are in the right place if you are searching for a home gym.


No one likes wasting time buying a sub-standard product. Luckily, you will get home gyms buyer guide on this site.


Keep reading to learn about the things to consider when purchasing a home gym.


1. Type of Workout

The type of workouts you wish to engage in is a significant determinant of the home gym set you should buy.


If you want to perform a lot of rowing exercises, you should get a different gym set from an individual searching for a weight lifting set. You may also be searching for equipment for cardio exercises as well.


The gym set allows you to perform different types of workouts. You should always buy a home gym system that has the deliverables you are searching for.


2. Versatility

Different home gyms have different levels of versatility. A good home gym set is that which can accommodate a lot of exercises. The components of the machine should also be adjustable to allow a lot of people use the gym set.


3. Space

It is good to note that home gyms come in different sizes. You need to ascertain that you have sufficient space before acquiring one. Some of these machines are conveniently foldable.


On the other hand, others are large and bulky. You should opt for a device that exceeds your expectations if you have sufficient space.


4. Safety

It is essential to purchase a home gym that is fitted with ample safety features if you need a family home gym that will be used by your kids.


For example, a gym that is equipped with free weights is never appropriate for kids. The levels of weights and resistance need to coincide with the users as well.


5. Price

You should try to balance your workout needs with your budgetary needs. Purchasing a home gym that does not meet your demands will not help you out, but overspending is not good either. Always ensure that you buy a home gym set that you can easily afford.


Best Home Gyms 2019

1. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym


Bowflex Blaze Home Gym


You may store dumbbells under your bed after you are done using them. However, most home gyms in the market cannot be stored under your bed after you are done using them due to their big size.


Bowflex Blaze Home gym is an exception as it is foldable. With this gym, you can perform over sixty exercises irrespective of its compact size. When folded, this gym set measures 52-inches long by 38-inches wide.


This is the best equipment to use for those looking to build shoulder and back muscles as well as muscle legs. The equipment also integrates a power rod technology that provides 210 pounds of resistance.


Key Features

• Power Rod Resistance

It has 210 lb. of power rod resistance. Additionally, the power rod resistance can be upgraded to or 410 lb.


• Sliding Seat Rail

The sliding seat rail enables you to perform leg presses and aerobic rowing.


• Workouts

You can perform over sixty-five body workouts for the shoulders, chest, arms, back, legs, and abs.


• Included Accessories

Triple function hand-grip or ankle cuffs and instructional placard are included.


• Lat Tower

It has a lat tower with an angled lat bar that helps you build shoulder and back muscle fast.


• Pulley Positions

It has multiple cable and pulley positions to allow you custom exercises.


Here’s a Quick Video Bowflex Home Gyms


2. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine with Linear Bearing (Total Body Training Home Gym Set)


Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine with Linear Bearing


You should get a home gym set that enables you to effectively target the majority of your muscles if you want to bulk up.


This gym set has everything you need to enhance full-body power as it combines a cable-routed pulley system and Marcy Smith machine with a free-weight rack.


It is suitable for chest muscles because it combines a pectoral fly station and leg developer.


This equipment is worth your investment if you are looking to shed excess weight. However, this gym set does not have weight plates.


Key Features

• Multifunctional Press Arms

This reliable weight system home gym incorporates dual action press arms. The press arms help you perform various arm and chest exercises to develop triceps, biceps, pectoralis, and other muscle groups.


• All-Steel Make

This equipment is designed with a heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a dependable powder coated finish. It has a tensile strength of 2000lb. and is guaranteed to endure long-lasting use.


• All-in-One Workout Set

This complete training set includes an innovative structure that incorporates arm and leg stations for strengthening various muscle groups and offering comprehensive exercises. This lowers the necessity of switching from one gym set to another.


• Olympic Free-Weight Rack

This gym set allows you to engage in intense strength training or weightlifting right in the comfort of your house.


It integrates weight plate pegs that are incorporated into the frame. This aspect helps you organize barbells or weights on the gym set for easy accessibility.


Here’s a Short Video on Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine with Linear Bearing


3. Power Home Gym with Leg press (P2LPX)

Powerline Home Gym


The power home gym provides the perfect versatility and functionality in a home exercise machine. It allows you to move swiftly between lots of demanding workouts.


This machine is perfectly engineered to offer a unique range of motion and free-range movements for any size individual.


If you want to perform functional training and traditional exercises, this is the device to buy. The fixed pulleys in this gym set help you carry out a wide variety of exercises.


Key Features

• Multi-press Arms

It has bio-mechanically designed arms designed for maximum muscle development and chest concentration.


The comfy multi-position hand-grips rely on specific areas of the triceps and chest. The adjustable seat, on the other hand, guarantees a perfect fit.


• Functional Pulleys

Fixed pulleys enable users to carry out various workouts that recruit stabilizer muscles such as converging presses and pec flys. These pulleys can also be adjusted to fit multiple exercises with consistence resistance smoothly.


• High Pulley/ Lat Pulldown

This station allows you to carry out triceps press-downs, lat pull-downs, cable crossovers, and several other high pulley workouts.


The adjustable hold-down pads are known to stabilize your body for weights that are beyond your body weight.


• Leg Extension

The leg developer station assists you to develop stronger knee joints and muscular legs. The self-aligning leg cuffs and smooth-glide bearing system guides you through the most wanting leg extensions and leg curl.


• Leg Press

The integrated leg press unit can be fixed on either side of the gym and provides a ratio of 2:1. This means that any weight an individual puts on feels like double.


Also, a pivoting press plate rotates both downward and forward to target hamstrings, thighs, and glutes.


4. Weider Ultimate Body Works


Weider Ultimate Body Works


This home gym is an excellent addition for a home gym set. The equipment is typically an incline bench that incorporates pulley wheels on both sides.


This powerhouse piece of the machine allows you to experience a total body workout. It enables you to perform over fifty different body-shaping workouts.


For a complete and versatile exercise, you should utilize the incorporated and accessories and adjust the positioning.


You can enjoy the use of the integrated adjustable power bands for fifty additional pounds of resistance.


This allows you to target your shoulders, arms, core, back, and legs in a single exercise. It also has an exercise guide to help you execute the workouts properly.


Key features

• SpaceSaver Design

This workout equipment conveniently folds for quick and easy storage. Therefore, it is the best gym set to buy if you have limited storage in your home.


• Go through the Motions

The unobstructed pulley and cable system allow your padded glideboard to slide along the durable steel tubing smoothly. This is beneficial for an added flexibility and full range of motion.


• Embraces Resistance

The machine allows you to make the most of your body weight for a challenging and convenient exercise. And for an extra challenge, just adjust the incline of the bench or use the power bands for additional resistance.


• Exercise Chart

The Weider total body gym set comprises a workout guideline with over a hundred body-shaping workouts. The maximum load capacity of this machine is 250 lbs.


• Adjustable Incline Bench

The adjustable incline bench on the wheels has a pulley on every side. It adjusts the bench to give you a much steeper incline. This is helpful as it increases the amount of weight resistance.


5. BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 (A full portable Gym)


BodyBoss 2.0


A portable gym set might be your best option if you do not want to dedicate a whole corner of your house to a gym system unit.


The portable design of BodyBoss allows you to impersonate the moves you would do with a squat rack or a rack of dumbbells.


You can travel with this gym set or even store it under your bed. The gym set includes a table and collapsible bands.


It is also simple to assemble and extremely lightweight. You can perform over 300 exercises on this gym set.


Key Features

• Base

The base can fold up, and it contains retractable anchors. It also has a non-slip base and floor padding.


• Bands

The bands have a custom length of thirty inches. Each band simulates between zero and thirty lbs. The package comes with 2-4 bands depending on the basis of the package.


• Bar

It rotates three hundred and sixty degrees for smooth and natural motion. It also has easy-grip padding for comfortability.


• Door Anchor

It locks safely into a door frame. It can simulate chest flies, lat pulldowns, and tricep extensions.


• Straps

It is paddled for sweat resistance and comfort. It can fit all wrists and sizes ankles.


• Handles

This takes after the dumbbells at the gym. You can adjust the weight on the fly by subtracting or clipping extra bands.


6. TRX Training – A Home Gym Bundle


TRX Home Gym Suspension


The TRX Home Gym Suspension is complete training equipment that enables you to find the good you ultimately.


It allows you to build your core and sculpt your body from any location, and at any time. You can set the equipment in less than ten minutes in your house, at the beach, at the park, or any location you want to exercise.


The TRX training home gym bundle comprises two anchoring solutions, TRX Home Suspension Trainer, and several digital workouts.


By using this equipment for just 15 to 30 minutes daily, you will completely transform the way you feel, think or look. The set also includes a white X-mount, mini bands, and a shaker bottle.


Key Features

• All-in-One Gym Set

The all-in-one home gym bundle allows you to attain the results you always need from an all-inclusive gym machine. By using your bodyweight only, the TRX exercises will show you how to get going and progress at your own speed and meet your goals.


• It Gives Observable Results

TRX machine will enable you to attain the results you need. Burn the excess fats, build muscles, increase cardio endurance, strengthen the core, enhance flexibility, and transform how you think and feel.


• Safety Tested

This gym set if safety-tested to support bodyweight of up to 350 lbs. as well as over 900 pounds of resistance. The cheap knockoffs should never fool you.


Various world-class athletes, Pro Sports teams as well as the United States Military have used this equipment for the last ten years. In addition, this gym set comes with a one-year warranty.


7. Body-Solid EXM Home Gym (3000)

Body-Solid EXM Home Gym (3000)

The body-solid EXM is a multi-station gym set that offers health club-quality strength training for up to three individuals concurrently.


It comprises a multi-function press-arm station that is ideal for incline press, bench press, chest-supported mid-row exercises, and shoulder press.


For a quick yet safe selection, the two 210 lb. weight stacks are within easy reach. It also has thick and durable DuraFirm pads that are fully adjustable and are contoured for lumbar support.


This equipment weighs 947 lbs. and measures 91-inches by 73-inches by 83-inches. It incorporates various attachments that are valuable when it comes to guaranteeing overall body workout.


The well-cushioned seat and back pads improve the safety and comfortability of the user.


Key Features

• It has dual 210-pound alloy steel weight stacks. These incorporate the state-of-the-art nylon bushing for quiet and smooth operation.

• It has a leg/calf press station that embraces two unique bar linkage.

These features are useful when it comes to self-aligning the angle of the leg plate to the individual’s body ensuring appropriate biomechanics and removing ankle torsion throughout the entire range of motion.


The 2:1 ratio also converts the 210-pound weight stack into 420-pounds of resistance.


• It has a multi-press that is biomechanically and structurally designed for optimal back, chest, as well as shoulder concentration.


• It comprises high pulley/ lat pulldown station that is perfect for improving size, strength as well as endurance of your back, oblique and shoulder muscles.


• Low pulley/ seated row station that is crucial for well-developed backs. It trains hard to achieve lower lats and builds depth in the middle of the back.


Final Thoughts

The buying guide and reviews above should assist you in narrowing down to your most ideal home gym system. The review is detailed.


Now, buying the best home gym set should not be an uphill task anymore. Depending on your budget, space, needs, and features, you should have a straightforward time selecting your favored equipment.

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