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2018 Range Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Right Range for You

Purchasing a new range sounds like a simple task at first. After all it’s just an oven and a cooktop, right? Make sure the oven is big enough for your largest recipes, you have enough burners and it takes the right kind of fuel and voila! You’ve picked out a range!

Unfortunately, like many appliance purchases, selecting a new range is not quite as simple as it initially sounds. Size considerations aren’t just about the volume of the oven; you need to consider the size of your kitchen space and even the width of your doors. It would be embarrassing to have a range delivered and not be able to get it into your building!

Other considerations include range styles, installation configurations, feature sets and, above all, budgets. A range can cost more than a decent used car, and a significant investment like that deserves lots of time and consideration. If this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry; we’ve put together a buying guide with descriptions of 10 of the best ranges on the market to help make your decision a simple one.

Choosing a Range: What to Consider

The first step in purchasing a new range is determining your budget. The ranges we’ve listed here vary in price from $500 on up to nearly $10,000. Your budget is the determining factor in what sizes, styles and features you’ll be able to afford so you should be sure to establish it before you start shopping.

As a general rule ranges under $3000 tend to fall on the basic end of the scale, with smaller sizes and more limited feature sets compared to their more expensive counterparts. Ranges above $3,000 will have more advanced features such as the ability to use two different fuel types and other professional-grade features. If your budget is greater than $10,000, consider looking into a customized range.

A custom range will let you tailor your new appliance to the exact specifications you want without paying for features you neither want nor need. Once you’ve set your budget, you should determine what your needs are in the three main range attributes: fuel type, size/style and feature set.


Less expensive ranges will generally accept one of two fuel types: electricity or gas. Each fuel type has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to a range’s oven, electric-based convection tends to be drier and provides more exact control of your temperature, making it superior for baking.

Gas convection allows more moisture and is better for roasting. For cooktops, gas makes for a more responsive fuel type. It reaches your desired level of heat immediately and provides a visual cue as to the temperature, while electric cooktops take time to heat up and look exactly the same no matter the temperature.

However, electric cooktops may be able to reach higher maximum temperatures and allow for more precise control than gas cooktops.

Although there are significant differences between the two types, your decision will probably be based on one factor: which fuel type is already available in your home. Make sure to investigate which fuel style you have currently installed, because installing a new fuel line can be more expensive than the range itself.

Another option that becomes available at the higher end of the scale is a dual-fuel range. These ranges accept both gas and electricity as fuel, with an electric oven and a gas cooktop. This is generally considered to be the best of both worlds, but is an expensive feature that won’t be available in a lower-end range.

Size and Installation

Size and style considerations are all about making sure the range you choose can realistically be installed in your kitchen. Unless you’re fully renovating your kitchen, you’re probably installing your new range in the same place you kept your old one. Measure the dimensions of this space to ensure your new range will fit. You should also make sure you have enough space to open your oven’s door and that your doorways, halls and corners can accommodate bringing the range in. Range size also determines what you can fit in your oven and how large your cooktop will be.

When it comes to installation style, there are three types of ranges: free-standing, slide-in and drop-in. Free-standing ranges are the most common and the simplest to install. They’re a self-contained appliance that can be put just about anywhere. Slide-in ranges have unfinished sides and require a counter or cabinet on each side. Drop-in ranges are the most complex to install. They’re intended to look like an integral part of the cabinetry and may require custom cabinet work.


Once you’ve selected the correct fuel type, range style and size, you get to the fun part: picking out your features! Ranges can come with so many features that it would be impossible to list them all here, but potential features you should consider include rack positioning, ‘hot surface’ lights, self-cleaning cycles, warming drawers and high-heat burners. The best way to approach range feature selection is to choose a few core features that are important to you, then carefully review each range’s specifications to make sure it meets your needs.

Example Ranges

We’ve selected 10 ranges and listed them below with a brief description. Buying a range is all about research, so make sure take a close look into your range of choice before you commit to a purchase!

CCK Commercial R6-N 36″ Gas Range


The CCK R6-N 36” Commercial Natural Gas Range is a heavy-duty free-standing stainless steel range with the features to handle any challenge you can throw at it. This 36” wide range features a 24” deep cooktop with 6 burners topped with heavy-duty cast iron grilles. These grilles are designed to provide a consistent flat surface to make sliding cookware easy, and they’re rated for up to 25,000 BTU per hour. The cooktop also features a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and high-visibility control knobs that are easy to read.

The 26-1/2“ oven is lined with a chip-resistant nano-porcelain liner that’s durable and easy to clean. The heavy-duty door is held in place with a compression spring to ensure complete insulation for efficient operation, and the handle will never heat up (even under extended use). The oven’s burner puts out 27,000 BTU, generating temperatures between 250 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven’s interior measures 28.8” wide x 25.8” deep x 13.7” high and can hold two full-size 18” x 26” sheet pans side by side. The range includes one chrome wire rack that can be mounted on three different shelf positions inside the oven.

Other features include 6” legs that can be adjusted to the most comfortable height for you and a 100{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} safety shut off feature. This range is intended for commercial use and is not approved for residential use; consult with your insurance company before installing in a residential setting.

Thor Kitchen HRD3088U 30” Free-standing Dual Fuel Range

The Thor Kitchen HRD3088U is a free-standing 30” wide stainless steel range. This dual fuel range boasts a gas cooktop and an electric oven that provide the cutting edge in culinary excellence. The cooktop features 4 sealed burners, including one 18,000 BTU burner, two 12,000 BTU burners and one dual burner that provides a 650 BTU simmer function as well as standard operation at 15,000 BTU. The cooktop is covered with a continuous cast iron grate that allows for easy movement of cookware. A porcelain drip pan sits under the stovetop to promote easy cleanup and protect the range’s components.

The electric oven measures at 4.2 cubic feet of volume with one 850 watt top heating element and a 3,000 watt base element that work together for smooth, even heating. It also includes a 3500 watt broiler for searing steak or making your chicken extra crispy. The oven’s interior is coated in black porcelain that gives strong insulation, is easy to clean and looks great. The oven’s commercial-grade convection fan circulates heat throughout to prevent cold spots and guarantee even cooking. The oven is also outfitted with a drip tray to contain hard-to-clean messes. The oven has 5 rack positions and includes 2 oven racks.

Atosa ATO-4B36G 60″ Free-standing Gas Range


The versatile free-standing Atosa ATO-4B36G is a 60” wide gas range that includes a 36” griddle and two 26-½” wide ovens. This elegant and extremely durable stainless steel behemoth includes a kick plate, back guard and high shelf to protect your walls as well as your brand new range. The cooktop burners are covered with a 12” x 12” tough lift-off cast iron grate that’s rated for 25,000 BTU per hour. The griddle plate is ¾” thick and built of tough polished steel. This wide and varied cooktop provides any cook with the power, flexibility and control they need to keep up with a huge amount of demand for perfectly prepared meals.

The two 26-½” ovens come with one chrome rack each with multiple possible installation positions. The oven burners are rated at 27,000 BTU per hour and are fed via reliable and long-lasting stainless steel tubing. The oven pilot lights are designed with a safety shut-off valve.

This range weighs in at 761 pounds and is intended for commercial use. Do not install in a residential situation without consulting your home insurer.

Thor Kitchen HRD4803U 48″ Dual Fuel Range with 48″ Thor Kitchen Range Hood

The Thor Kitchen HRD4803U is a professional grade dual-fuel stainless steel range that includes 6 stovetop burners, two ovens and a top of the line infrared griddle.

The cooktop features two 18,000 BTU sealed single burners with two 15,000 BTU dual burners that include a 650 BTU simmer feature for delicate tasks. There are also two 12,000 BTU burners for tasks that require medium heat. The cooktop also features a 15,000 BTU griddle the utilizes high-end infrared technology to guarantee even and responsive heating.

The two asymmetrical electric ovens include one 4.2 cubic feet oven and one 2.5 cubic feet oven. The 4.2 cu. ft. oven has a powerful 3500 watt broiler and a commercial-grade convection fan for even heating through the entire oven. It’s lit with two halogen lights so you can keep an eye on your recipes as they cook. The smaller oven lacks the broiler and uses only one halogen light.

Each oven has five rack positions and the range comes with a total of 4 racks. The ovens are each heated with an 850 watt top element and a 3000 watt base element that work together to evenly heat the oven. They are coated internally with durable insulating black porcelain.

The included Thor Kitchen HRH4802U Range Hood is a 48” stainless steel range hood features super quiet adjustable-speed fans with a 4-speed power control. It includes 3 machine washable stainless steel baffles and a 6” diameter ventilation pipe also built of stainless steel. The range hood’s stainless steel body has a smudge proof finish. It illuminates your cooking area with three 1.5 watt long-life LED lamps and features a programmable auto shutoff mode. The fan is designed to clear the air of grease, smoke and odors and has four settings: Super Quiet (386 CFM), Low (490 CFM), Medium (615 CFM) and High (900 CFM). The Thor Kitchen HRH4802U measures 22” deep x 48” wide x 9.88” high. This canopy style range hood mounts underneath a cabinet.

Garland G36-6R-NAT 36” Natural Gas Range


The Garland G36-6R-NAT is a 36” free-standing stainless steel range powered by a natural gas hookup. This range is constructed with stainless steel on the front, sides and back guardas well as the 5” plate rail. It’s topped with a 27” work surface that’s covered with ergonomic cast iron grates that look great and won’t tarnish, stain or break. These grates sit over six powerful 33,000 BTU Starfire-Pro geometric open top burners. 12” section-stamped drip trays sit under the stovetop to contain messes and the burners are controlled with extra-large control knobs.

The 26-½” wide x 26” deep x 13” high oven is powered with a 38,000 BTU burner that can bring the temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It includes a nickel-plated oven rack that can be installed in three different positions. The oven is lined with porcelain along the door and the bottom, with an aluminized steel top, sides and back. It fits two full-size 18” x 26” sheet pans.

Frigidaire FFEF3052TS 30” Free-standing Electric Range


The Frigidaire FFEF3052TS free-standing electric range is a stylish stainless steel range that will help you cook like a pro without spending cash like one. This 30” wide range boasts a black glass cooktop with 4 Spacewise expandable heating elements that provide up to 3000 watts of power and shrink or expand to meet your needs; that’s enough flexibility to satisfy any cook. The elements are linked to indicator lights that show when an element is in use and stay on until the element cools off again. There’s also a center rear warming zone that provides up to 100 watts of power. The cooktop is controlled with easy-to-use black plastic knobs.

The oven features a 2600 watt heating element with Even Baking Technology to guarantee consistent heating with every use. The 3000 watt broiler can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for powerful, reliable broiling. The 4.9 cubic foot oven has 3 positions for an oven rack. This range also includes a storage drawer at the bottom for easy access to baking pans and accepts an optional griddle accessory for even greater flexibility.

This range comes with a clock, timer function, power-on and heat indicator lights. Finally, the range sits on adjustable legs that will help you choose the perfect comfortable height to cook at.

Kenmore 94203 Electric Range with True Convection

The Kenmore 94203 is a stainless steel free-standing range with an extra-large oven to keep up with the needs of a large family. The True Convection oven can brown, broil and bake with consistency and ease, so you can be sure your meals will be cooked through every time. It features a warm & hold function to store dishes until you’re ready to eat with drying them out or burning them. This oven measures at 5.7 cubic feet of space with 6 rack positions and two included racks. It also boasts a self-cleaning cycle you can depend on to keep your oven spic and span.

The black glass cooktop has five heating elements including a Turbo Boil flex burner and a dual heating element. The Turbo Boil Flex Burner can hit up to 3200 watts for rapid boiling, or it can be used at lower power levels for delicate operations like simmering or melting. The dual element can vary in size between 6” and 12” for maximum flexibility. The ceramic glass cooktop is easy to clean and resists scratching and damage.

Thor Kitchen HRG40808U 48” Professional Gas Range

The Thor Kitchen HRG40808U is a professional-grade natural gas range with two asymmetrical ovens and a wide range of features to tackle any culinary challenge.

The cooktop includes three 18,000 BTU single burners and three 15,000 BTU dual burners with a 650 BTU simmer function for delicate tasks like sauces. The infrared griddle provides 15,000 BTU of power through a stainless steel top the guarantees easy cleaning and uniform heating. The burners are protected with a tough porcelain coated cast iron flat surface grate that facilitates easy movement of large cookware. A stainless steel drip pan sits under the stovetop to contain the inevitable messes that crop up in every kitchen.

This range includes two asymmetrical ovens for maximum flexibility. The larger 4.2 cubic foot, 30” wide oven has a 22,000 BTU burner along with a 16,500 BTU infrared broiler and and a convection oven fan for consistent heat throughout the oven. It’s lit with two halogen lights and includes two racks that can be installed in five different positions within the oven. The smaller oven measures 2.5 cubic feet (18 inches wide) and contains a 14,000 BTU burner with a single halogen light. Both ovens are lined with porcelain for insulation and easy cleaning and feature a drip pan at the bottom to contain messes. They also feature pilot lights which will automatically re-light if they’re extinguished. This feature protects against gas leaks.

Thor Kitchen HRG40808U 48” Professional Gas Range 5-Piece Kitchen Suite


The Thor Kitchen HRG40808U listed above is also available as part of a five piece set that includes the HRH4806U Under-Cabinet Range Hood, the HWC2402U Wine Cooler, the HDW2401SS Dishwasher and the HMW1602U Microwave.

The HRH4806U Range Hood is a 48” wide under-cabinet range hood in stainless steel. It uses a 6” diameter ventilation pipe to clean the air of smoke, grease, odors and moisture. It features three dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffles and bright LED lights that easily illuminate your cooking area. It also boasts a convenient auto shutoff mode that activates after 15 minutes. The 4-speed controller includes Super Quiet, Low Speed, Medium Speed and High Speed settings.

The HWC2402U Wine Cooler is a free-standing 23-½” wide wine cooler that holds up to 36 bottles. This energy efficient wine cooler has two separate zones with individual fans for precise care of your wine stock. The cooler is lit with two white LEDs and controlled via touchpad. It maintains temperatures between 41 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit with a state-of-the-art compressor cooling system. The chromed metal shelves and smoked glass door give it an air of elegance and grace.

The HDW2401SS Dishwasher is a 24” stainless steel semi-built-in dishwasher with an A++ rated energy saving design. It contains a multi-filter system for optimal performance and uses four sprayer arms along with a detergent and rinse aid dispenser for thorough cleaning. This energy efficient dishwasher uses a Smart Wash System to determine the necessary wash cycle for a given load and provide optimal cleaning without wasting water, electricity or time.

The HMW1602U 1100 watt microwave is a versatile microwave with 10 power levels and 1.6 cubic feet of capacity. It boasts features such as a kitchen timer, memory function, nine auto-cooking menus and time-and-weight defrost.

If you’re looking to purchase a whole suite of kitchen appliances or outfit a professional kitchen, nothing beats this five-piece set from Thor Kitchen.

Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3036TF 30” Self-Cleaning Electric Range


The Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3036TF stainless steel range is a free-standing electric range with a wide variety of features for the cook who demands flexibility. This 30” wide electric range has a black glass cooktop with four SpaceWise expandable heating elements that shrink or expand to meet your needs. One element is a Quick Boil 3200 watt element designed to bring liquids to a boil more quickly and rapidly heat pots and pans. The cooktop includes a SpaceWise warming zone to keep your meals warm until everyone is at the table.

The 3500 watt oven features a Vari-Broil system that puts out up to 3900 watts of power for quick crisping and broiling. Quick Bake Convection technology helps meals cook quickly and evenly, and this oven comes with 2 racks that can be placed in 6 different positions. The Frigidaire range also boasts a Steam Clean light oven cleaning function and a variable self-clean function that can last 2, 3 or 4 hours for more stubborn messes.

The range’s stainless steel body is smudge-proof and highly durable to make this range a centerpiece of your kitchen for years to come. This Frigidaire range was designed, engineered and assembled in the USA and features a K-star certified Sabbath mode that allows it to be operated on the Sabbath by Sabbath-observing Jews. The Frigidaire Gallery FGEF3036TF is also available in white and black.

Final Thoughts

Although the kitchen range market is huge and each range has a vast amount of features and specifications you need to sift through, we hope we’ve managed to make your choice easier. Remember: when selecting your range, make sure you have the right size, installation style and fuel type for your budget before you make your selection. With a little research, you’ll be able to find the perfect range with all of the features you want to make your time in the kitchen safe, clean and fun.

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