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Best Refrigerators 2018

The options are endless with new refrigerators. With smart WiFi options, custom panels, and even soda dispensers, refrigerators can get pretty pricey as well. New models also come with all types of custom shelving, up to five doors, and pull-out drawers for veggies or frozen popsicles.

How do you know which refrigerator to pick?

Before you start shopping online, take a brief survey of what you are looking for in a kitchen refrigerator:

Space Requirements

Where will your fridge go? Do you have the space to fit a 33-inch wide by 35-inch depth fridge? You should measure out the space of your kitchen beforehand so you can optimize with the right fridge.

Eating Habits

Is this for your home kitchen or office? Who will be using the fridge? If you have people who are more comfortable with bottom-freezer pull-out drawers or side-by-side doors, then you may spend a little bit more for the convenience.

You also want to make sure that you have the right shelving and bins for the types of snacks and food that your family enjoys.

Your Budget

You can easily spend over $1,000 on a brand new fridge, but you want to make sure that it has the capacity, controls, and shelving that you want before purchasing. You can easily find a high-capacity fridge for less than $500, but it may not have additional features like ice dispensers and humidity-controlled bins.

Cleaning Habits

You may not want a lot of shelves and storage options if you know it won’t clean well. Some fridges come with finger-proof coating and faux-stainless finishes to minimize the need for cleaning as well.

Energy Considerations

Did you know that a household fridge usually makes up 14{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} of the total energy costs? You should alway look at the Energy Guide labels on any fridge you want to purchase. Built-in water and ice dispensers are also addition energy wasters. You may end up paying more in energy costs for this convenience.

However, if you have a freezer that is top-mounted, your fridge will likely use even less energy. Energy Star model refrigerators typically have a minimum of 20{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} less electricity usage than non-rated models.

The right refrigerator should be the perfect size for the space and complementary to the style of your kitchen. However, there are some features that make your life easier, especially when it comes to storing different types of meats, produce, and liquids.

Kitchen Design

Do you want all stainless steel or prefer black for your sleek dark wood kitchen appliances? This is a question that you have to answer based on your current kitchen decor or what you plan to do with your cabinetry. You can typically find most models in stainless steel, black, white or custom-colors that are made to blend in with your cabinets. These are called hideaway fridges.

Quick Guide: How to Choose a New Refrigerator

Does one refrigerator mean forever? Most refrigerators can last over 15 years. However, with remodeling or new homeowners, refrigerators also get replaced. Newer refrigerators have amazing sustainability and energy efficiency.

Every homeowner has an idea of the perfect refrigerator. Whether it’s a french-door model with a large pull-out freezer and built-in water dispenser or something with a smart panel that lets you see food within your fridge through a little camera. There are a ton of gadgets packed into the latest configurations as well. If you love technology and want your fridge to be the center of entertainment in your kitchen, then you may also pay a steep price for the best features.

The Right Refrigerator Style

What type of convenience do you prefer? There are typically three fridge styles in the home appliances market. These include:

Bottom Freezer: These are typically one-door or french-door styles with a bottom pull-out freezer drawer.

Top Freezer: This is the traditional design with the freezer on top of a single-door fridge.

French Door: These fridges have two doors that open out and typically have a bottom freezer.

Side-by-Side: The freezer and fridge are located side-by-side in this style.

Built-In: If you want a recessed look, you can find some manufacturers provide built-in designs to remain flush with cabinets.

Mini-Fridge: These smaller fridges typically have a freezer and fridge area with a single door and in-door storage.

The most traditional of these would be the top freezer, but this is not the most convenient. Bottom freezers or side-by-side freezers allow you to see everything available in your freezer.

Built-in refrigerators are the most seamless for your kitchen. If you want to hide a fridge within your cabinets or make sure that your fridge is flush with cabinets, then you may get a french-door or four-door custom-built refrigerator.

Size and Storage Capacity

You should measure your kitchen space before trying to purchase a refrigerator. You want to know the sidth and height of the space with a few inches in between for comfort. Most manufacturers create 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. However, if you are a weekly grocery shopper who loves to cook, then you may want a larger storage capacity of up to 33 cubic feet.

Energy Efficiency

All of the new refrigerator labels should come with an energy rating. Most refrigerators will be Energy Star rated. This means that the refrigerator is also within the top percentile of the market. Energy tests have shown that an energy efficient refrigerator will also save you money every year.

Cool New Features

There are some refrigerator manufacturers who are putting in extra technology and temperature features to make sure that you get the best experience out of your fridge.

For example, Samsung has created a refrigerator that can stream videos, Samsung TV programs, and music right from a large LED panel.

Other TVs have a barista service option which delivers coffee right from the fridge or freezer door. This is included with refrigerators like the GE Cafe Series.

Need custom temperature options? There are new refrigerators that have multiple comparts with different cooling options. This is great for wine or additional freezing options.

What if you are at the grocery store and keep forgetting something on your list? There are some TVs that allow you to view the interior of your fridge on your mobile device as well as look at shopping lists or requests that someone put into your refrigerator’s notes. Manufacturers like Samsung have developed these smart features.

The Kenmore Elite French Door Bottom Mount has a new alert system that will let you know when any door is ajar. Other manufacturers have put in whistles and alerts for water filter changes or when you need to schedule a service.

Costs of New Refrigerators

While you are simply looking for a fridge that will cool and freeze your groceries, you may get a lot more value out of a machine that has additional features. If you are on a budget, you should make a list of the things that are important in a fridge so you know what you value most before shopping.

You could easily spend $500 on a top-freezer that does not have humidity-controlled bins or an ice dispenser, but you may be able to find refurbished or older refrigerators that have these features and meet your $500 budget.

If you have a really high budget for a fridge, then you may be able to look at $3,000+ refrigerators that have entertainment and smart functionality packed into a control panel. These fridges allow you to view your fridge’s interior from your mobile phone or stream Netflix right through the LED screen on the door.

High capacity, side-by-side refrigerators offer a lot of value for the space and features. You can typically pick up a high-quality side-by-side fridge for $800 to $1,500.

If we had to put together the perfect profile of a new refrigerator, it would have to include these features:

Icemaker / Water Dispenser

The latest refrigerators have built-in purified water and ice dispensers that make it a breeze to get a cup of ice or water on the go.

Evaporators for Freshness

Your fridge should be able to keep all of your produce fresh. You can check that a fridge comes with multiple evaporators within produce shelves to maintain the quality of your fruits and vegetables.

Smart Temperature Controls

Think your fridge is getting too cold or hot? Most refrigerators today have smart button-activated controls that allow you to easily keep the temperature just the way you want.

Variety of Shelves

Open shelving and varying shelf heights are a must for the latest refrigerators. You should be able to store large two liters on open shelves as well as small vegetables in convenient drawers.

Door-in-Door Storage Access

This is a great feature that keeps most of the refrigerator closed when you are just looking for a drink or snack on-the-go.

Best Refrigerators Review

These refrigerators offer some of the best features for the right price.

1. Kenmore 60302 14.8 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator- white


Kenmore is a household name for home appliances. This top-freezer style is a little traditional but will save you on price while delivering some great features. In addition, the inside of this fridge is absolutely magnificent for organization and space.

For one, you get a lot of interior fridge space with this model. With LED lights and glass shelves, you can easily find everything in your fridge. The adjustable shelving creates adequate space heights for bottles and stacked tupperware as well.

The gallon bins are perfect for holding produce. Although you will not get some of the humidity controls as with others on this list, these are still good for locking in freshness and can maintain your produce and cheeses for a couple of weeks.

At 14.8 cubic feet, this Kenmore can easily fit in most kitchens. The white exterior design may not suit dark wood kitchens but will work with most kitchen decor. The design makes it easy to clean as well.


2. Magic Chef 24 in. W 9.9 cu. ft Top Freezer Refrigerator Stainless steel ( silver)


Like the previous refrigerator, this style is another top-freezer traditional look, but the stainless design makes it a better option for modern kitchens or office break rooms.

This top-freezer style refrigerator is a great buy if you want lots of storage and some simple features for a decent value. This fridge has glass shelves that are adjustable and easy to clean.

It also comes with an automatic defrost setting and produce crisper to clearly organize your vegetables. There is an abundance of shelving within this sleek stainless steel fridge. Clear door bins and bottle racks allow you to keep larger and smaller bottles in place.

The shelving is truly magnificent in this unit. You get multiple sizes for in-door as well as two huge gallon-sized bins at the bottom of the fridge and freezer.

While this fridge lacks some of the modern features like ice dispensers and door-in-door storage, it is still rather large and delivers amazing capacity if you are a weekly grocery shopper. In terms of size, you get 9.9 cubic feet capacity. The fridge is a bit compact and can fit in almost all kitchen spaces.

3. Kenmore 41173 25 cu. ft. side-by-side Refrigerator Stainless Steel ( silver)


With 25 cubic feet capacity, dual LED lighting, deli drawers, and humidity-controlled produce crisper bins, the Kenmore 41173 is a dream refrigerator for any kitchen. There is so much room and storage options with this fridge. You an store all of your produce, meats, snacks, and drinks across two storage areas with organized efficiency.

You can split up the space between your groceries and pre-made meals as well, as there are multiple shelves, bins, and in-door storage to make it easy.

The humidity-controlled bins ensure that you keep your produce fresh and accessible within large bins. This is a convenient option for lunch meat, cheeses, and on-the-go snacks as well.

Gallon-sized door bins allow you to store all of the dairy and produce that you need. You can easily grab juices, two-liters, and chilled bottles.

Overall, this is one of Kenmore’s best refrigerators on the market. The only thing missing is the new smart panels and ice dispenser functions that we have seen in competitors. However, if you simply want great storage and convenience with some extra crisp features thrown in, this is a great fridge for the family.

4. Frigidaire 3.1 cu. ft. mini fridge Stainless steel ( silver)


Need a mini-fridge for the office or workshop? This fridge is the perfect size for the price, and it comes with some additional features like the Store-More crisper drawer and SpaceWise adjustable glass shelves.

While compact, the fridge is a bit larger. You should have a space of 33.5 in height and 18.5 inches in width with a depth 19.375 inches.

This mini-friend also as in-door storage and a large freezer capacity compared to other mini-fridges. You can easily adjust the temperature, and all of the SpaceWise shelves are adjustable in case you want to store larger bottles.

5. Frigidaire FFSS2615TS 25.5 cu. ft. side-by-side Refrigerator- Stainless steel


With 25.5 cubic feet of storage capacity, this side-by-side refrigerator offers some more modern features and convenience. With adjustable interior storage, you have over 100 ways to keep your groceries organized and cooled. The ice and water dispenser also has a built-in purifier, so you always get the cleanest water with your drink.

This refrigerator has two-paddle design with water and ice dispenser on the left door. You also have a ready-select control panel that delivers five different ways to have your ice crushed.

With built-in spillsafe shelves, you can maintain the cleanliness of this fridge pretty easily. Humidity-controlled drawers also keep your produce and cheeses fresh. The door storage provides options for all types of groceries and options to hold smaller bottles in place.

Overall, you get a lot of value from the additional features and storage capacity within this modern fridge. However, you may want to measure your kitchen before purchasing this unit as it does require a large area of 35.635 inches in width by 31.75 inches in depth by 69.625 inches in height.

If you love the two-door design and LED lighting, then this fridge should definitely be in your kitchen.

6. Haier 33 in. W 16.4 cu. ft. Quad French Door Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless steel


A kosher refrigerator with lots of organization is perfect for the Shabbat-observing kitchen. With quad french-doors, lots of storage bins, and multiple in-door shelves, everything has its place within this refrigerator.

Sabbath mode capable means that you can disable functions to observe Shabbat practices. The design of the fridge is made to match counter depth, so that it can fit seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry without the custom fit price.

This fridge also has a high-humidity controlled crisper with HCS filter. This creates the perfect environment for produce to stay fresh. LED lighting and glass shelves makes it easier to find all of your favorite snacks and drinks.

One of the great features of this fridge is the touch temperature controls. You can easily control with Quick Cool and Quick Freeze buttons.

This fridge is idea if you want a built-in look and like the quad-door design with multiple temperature controls.

7. Kenmore 60412  18 cu. ft Top Freezer Refrigerator – White

How about a large refrigerator for a great price? This top-freezer is a white, traditional refrigerator with modern glass shelving inside and lots of storage room. The 18 cubic feet space inside provides a number of different cooling and storage options.

This fridge packs in a ton of convenience with its open shelving design. There are two large wire shelves and gallon door bins so you can separate and store all types of groceries. The adjustable and efficient temperature control system allows the fridge to maintain the right temperatures for snacks, leftovers, produce, and meats.

The frost-free function also maintains a better freezing environment for all of your frozen goods. This is perfect for stashing leftovers and treats without the fear that you will lose any flavor.

Bright lighting and adjustable glass shelving make it easy to organize and select all of your grocery items. For the price, you get a lot of storage capacity and modern efficiency.

8. Haier 28 in W 15. 0 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless steel ( silver)


The design of this Haier french-door refrigerator is sleek and clean with recessed door handles. Haier makes it a primary goal to create Sabbath mode capable refrigerators, but the value of these refrigerators is in the technology and appearance.

You get strong LED lighting throughout that uses less energy while lighting up the space so you can select your favorite items. Adjustable tempered glass shelves allow you to create over a 100 ways to store meats, vegetables, leftovers, and drinks.

Although this fridge does not have a water dispenser, its large, organized space makes up for the missing features. You get in-door storage with fully encapsulated storage bins. There are also multiple temperature settings including quick cool and quick freeze.

9. Samsung 27. 9 cu. ft. Family Hub 4- Door Flex French- Door Refrigerator- RF28M9580Sg/Aa


Love the idea of a smart refrigerator? Samsung has created a nearly perfect smart refrigerator that comes with an LED panel that allows you to create shop lists on the fly. You can also add calendars, photos, notes, videos, music, or Samsung TV programs. Essentially, this TV makes your kitchen the center of entertainment.

In addition, this refrigerator has voice-activated features. You can view inside with three digital cameras that will take a picture of the inside of your fridge, so you can view it from your mobile device while at the grocery store. You can also view inside of your family hub to see shopping lists created by hungry snackers.

The fridge is just fun to play with and has hidden compartments like FlexZone. This is a bottom right fridge compartment that converts part of your freezer into a fridge for more storage options if you have a lot of snacks or leftovers.

While this refrigerator is one of the pricier options on this list, you get a ton of storage as well as technology. You get 27.9 storage capacity.

There are some other really cool features that you will not find in most competitor models. This includes the Ice Master produces up to 5.3 pounds of ice per day, as well as a built-in wine rack that has 3 optional positions in FlexZone.

This is truly a dream refrigerator if you love technology and want the convenience of additional features for beer, wine, and snack storage.

10. Whirlpool 30 in. W 19.7 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in monochromatic Stainless steel


Whirlpool has always created brilliant home appliance designs with convenience and tech in mind. This 30” width french-door model is no different. Whirlpool creates a great capacity refrigerator with some of the features that consumers need, such as the exterior filtered water dispenser and ice maker.

You can electronically control the different temperatures of water and ice types with a touch of a button. The water and ice are filtered from the factory-installed purifier called EVERYDROP. This reduces contaminants and ensures pure, filtered water is delivered with every sip.

You store a variety of items within this fridge. With adjustable shelves, storage bins, and in-door shelves, there are multiple ways to organize up to 20 bags of groceries, according to Whirlpool. The bins are humidity-controlled for the most crisp vegetables and cheese. FRESHFLOW produce preserver is another feature that Whirlpool states will keep produce fresh longer. You will need to replace this filter every six months to maintain the quality, however.

The upper slide-out freezer basket also makes it simple to store your frozen goods in a snap. LED lights illuminate all of the glass shelves so you can easily find all the snacks and drinks at the back of the fridge as well.

Whirlpool makes a solid refrigerator that has all of the features we love in a french-door refrigerator. The high capacity design allows you to store all different types of snacks, drinks, produce, and meat and never run out of room.

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