Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2018

When shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner, do you ever get overwhelmed at the selection in the store? All the options, gadgets, specifications, and confusing terminology can really make your head swirl.

With the ever-changing technology, it’s good to know what is available in the vacuum world and what we need before we go into the store. In an effort to help you narrow down your choice we’ve put together a list of the best upright vacuum cleaners for 2018.

So how do you go about choosing your new vacuum cleaner? Well, we’re glad you asked. As with almost any purchase, you want to do at least a small amount of homework before committing to a specific item. Here are some good points to consider when shopping for your new upright vacuum.


Let’s face it. Floors get the short end of the stick when it comes to dirt, dust, and grime. They bear all the foot action that goes on in our home. So when it comes time to break out the vacuum cleaner on them, we want it to do more than just suck up that dirt and grime.

We also want to make sure it removes all those tiny little dust particles and allergens that float in the air after the vacuum roars across the floor? Sometimes we see them floating in the air, sometimes they escape our naked eye. Regardless, they are there. You don’t want to spend all that effort vacuuming your floors, only to end up sneezing your head off because of dust particles it sent swirling around in the air.

This is where a dedicated HEPA filter comes in handy! A HEPA filter, aka High Efficiency Particulate Air, will remove those harmful allergens from the air. While all filters will do this to a degree, a HEPA filter must trap at least 99.97{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} of particles for it to even qualify as HEPA by the governments standards.


The second thing you will want to consider when making your vacuum cleaner selection is the weight of the machine. Fortunately, there are many upright vacuums in todays world that are lightweight.

Todays vacuums are not the heavy tanks that they were in your parent’s day. Companies started wising up to the inconvenience that heavy vacuum cleaners caused. Not only were they heavy carry from room to room, but they also prolonged the carpet cleaning job because they were so heavy to push back and forth across the floor.

In figuring out how to make the upright vacuum cleaner lightweight, companies also figured out how to not sacrifice the cleaning power in the process. While some heavy hitters are still going to weight a ton, not all will.

You need to know that you have options when it comes to the weight of your vacuum and that you can still get a quality machine that is easy to use. There’s no need to sacrifice cleaning power for weight anymore with today’s technology.


One more thing you want to consider when narrowing down your choice of a new upright vacuum cleaner is the price. It is a good idea to determine the price point you want to stay within before doing your other research for your new vacuum cleaner.

Having this price range narrowed down will help you when you begin to search for specific features, accessories, capabilities, etc. If you have a price range you want to stay within, it will help you eliminate some machines right off the bat. An upright vacuum cleaner can range anywhere from $30-$500 easily.

Consider pricing to maintain the machine as well. For example, a bagged vacuum will require you to buy bags regularly to use in the machine. This is a relatively small upkeep cost, so it may not be a deal breaker for you. The same goes for the filter. If the machine uses disposable filters, this will be another upkeep cost. There are also washable filters that are made to be washed and reused.

We want to help you find the best upright vacuum cleaner for your needs. Sometimes it is a little hard to cut through the jargon to understand the description and product capabilities. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best upright vacuums for 2018.

1. Bissell Powerforce Compact Bagless Vacuum, 2112 (New and Improved of 1520), Blue

This is a very handy little vacuum that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. The Bissel Powerforce Compact Bagless Vacuum will clean your area rugs, bare floors, carpet, hard floors, tile floors, low pile carpet, stairs, and even your upholstery! It comes with a convenient high-reach extension wand so you can run it along your curtains and even use it to suck up any cobwebs on the ceilings.

With 6 amps of power and a 10 inch cleaning path, this upright vacuum will impress you with its cleaning ability. Since it is a compact vacuum, and it only weighs 8 lbs., it stores very easily. This is great if you have a small utility room or limited closet space.. It won’t take up as much room as a midsized or larger vacuum would.

Another added convenience is that its attachments are also compatible with other Bissel vacuums as well. Because it is a smaller vacuum, you may have to empty the canister out while vacuuming if you are working on large rooms.

It could potentially fill up before you finish your home. That may not be an issue for you though if you don’t mind stopping to dump it out. If you have pets or daughters with long hair, the hair doesn’t bog this little vacuum down.

It is such a great vacuum for only $39.96! You won’t have to worry about any future expenses when it comes to bag replacement since this upright vacuum is bagless.

2. Hoover Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Blues

The Hoover Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner will clean your floors at a very practical price. You can use this vacuum on your bare floor, carpet, tile, vinyl, and wood flooring!

One nice convenience that this vacuum offers is 3 level height adjustments for your bare floor and carpet cleaning. Sometimes we don’t realize how convenient it is to have a height adjustment on our vacuum, until we need it. So it’s nice to know this model already comes with that feature.

The Hoover Tempo Widepath vacuum has 12 amps of power and it is lightweight, as it only weighs 14.8 lbs. You won’t have to worry about allergens with this upright vacuum because its allergen filtration traps 100{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} dust mites, 99.98{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} ragweed and also common grass pollens!

We don’t realize just how much pollen we bring into our home on our shoes. Then when we walk throughout our home, we track that pollen from room to room! Even if you take your shoes off at the front door, pollen can still cling to your clothes and eventually end up on your furniture.

So having a vacuum that can remove and trap pollen is pretty awesome! This vacuum is easy on your wallet because it is only $75.37. We usually don’t associate style with a vacuum when we are shopping for one. We want power, reliability, and performance. That said, this machine does stand out with its nice blue design. Who says a powerful vacuum has to be boring?

3. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH70120, Green

The Hoover T Series WindTunnel Rewind Bagless Upright Vacuum cleaner raises the bar on convenience. Instead of the power controls being by your feet, this 16.5 lb machine positions them right by your fingers!

The 25 ft cord on this vacuum makes it easier to go from room to room without having to stop and unplug the machine often. Then when you are finished vacuuming, you can just tap the pedal to activate the cord rewind, and it rewinds that 25 ft cord to store it inside the machine until next time you need to use it.

How’s that for convenient? The 5 position height adjustment feature will let you go from deep carpet cleaning to hard floor surfaces. It has a helpful system check indicator that lets you know if there is a clog or if the filter needs to be cleaned.

The HEPA filter traps 99.97{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} of dirt, dust, and pollen down to 0.03 microns. When it gets dirty, you can just take it out and rinse it clean. You really get a great machine for $129.99 and it’s even a nice green color to boot!

Another neat thing about this machine is that it has a no scuff bumper that will protect your furniture and your walls. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try not to, we sideswipe a door or a furniture leg when we are vacuuming. It just happens. This upright vacuum has your back though! Your furniture and walls are safe with this one.

4. Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, AS3001A, Red

If you like red, you will love the design that the Eureka Airspeed Exact Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum has. The red on black design gives this vacuum such a sporty racecar look.

It comes with a PET Power Paw turbo nozzle attachment that is designed to grab up pet hair off your furniture and upholstery. It has 5 height settings that let you go from carpet to hard floors. You can even use this vacuum to clean shag carpet!

Another neat accessory it comes with is a crevice tool. It lets you get down into hard to reach spaces or tight spots to vacuum them as well. The hose on the vacuum stretches out to 8 ft., so it gives you a much wider radius to work.

This is a bagless vacuum, so it will eliminate future expenses when it comes to bag replacement. You can generally find this vacuum for around $63.00. Not a bad price if you need a good vacuum for sucking up pet hair.

Its AirSpeed Technology moves more air and removes more dirt. It is also lightweight, so that makes for easy operation when you are moving it back and forth. The washable dust cup it is equipped with is another cost saver when it comes to long term expenses.

Another nice thing about this machine is that is isn’t too loud. Sometimes when we vacuum, the loud noise can make a person’s ears ring. This machine isn’t as loud though, so no worries there.

5. Power Max XL Upright Vacuum, Red

The Power Max XL Upright Vacuum is another great contender in the world of low priced vacuums. It really gives you some power and versatility for only $54.99. It has a Spin4Pro Premium brush roll that is specifically designed to clean both carpet and hard floors with two different types of bristle.

You will also like that this vacuum has a 14 inch cleaning path. It will be able to cover more floor space on one sweep, which is such a timesaver when it comes to the overall cleaning job. The hose attachment with this vacuum allows it to stretch out 12 ft! So if you have tall ceilings and you don’t like climbing up and down a ladder to clean those cobwebs off the ceiling, you will find this long hose to be a real asset.

This little vacuum is light enough for anyone to use, as it only weighs 13.5 lbs. It can even tackle shag carpet since it has 4 position height adjustment. The extra large canister on it is nice because it lets you clean more rooms before you have to stop and dump it out.

Since it is bagless, it will save you money in the long run because you won’t need to buy bags for it. Something else really awesome about this vacuum is the HEPA filtration will trap dirt and keep it from reentering the air. Then, when the filter gets dirty you can just take it out, wash it, and reuse it.

6. Dirt Devil Power Max Pet UD70167P, Purple

When it comes to vacuums, Dirt Devil is a very popular household name. So this $59.00 Dirt Devil Power Max Pet has it all! From quality, to functionality, to affordability, to a stylish look with its unique purple color.

This vacuum even has an odor trapping carbon filter, so if you have pets this will take care of their hair and that pet odor at the same time! The TurboClaw Pet Hair Tool is sure to help you when you come across any stubborn pet hair removal.

When it comes to cleaning, efficiency is key. You don’t want to spend hours on a job that could be finished in minutes. So when you find a vacuum that has the attachments you need to do a deep cleaning of pet hair, the reach you need to clean curtains and cobwebs, the efficiency of an advanced filtration system, and odor trapping capabilities, you stop and take note of it.

The Endura Performance System has three layers of advanced filtration that will trap dirt and dust. Three layers! That’s impressive. While you’re vacuuming you can easily go from carpet to hard flooring because this vacuum also has two types of bristles. One to agitate dirt that is in the carpet and another to sweep up debris on your hard floors.

You’ll just change the settings on the front side of the machine and switch it form carpet to hard floor. It’s yet another added convenience since you won’t have to stop and restart.

7. Bissell CleanView Vacuum W/OnePass Technology- Bissell 1330

The Bissel CleanView Vacuum with OnePass Technology upright vacuum is a simple, but effective vacuum. It is a little heavier, weighing 15.5 lbs. and will run you about $79.99.

The cleaning path is 13.5 inches wide and you can use it on your carpet, upholstery, hard floors, low pile carpet, and curtains. The cleaning system is multi-cyclonic, so that makes this vacuum have a powerful suction.

So if you have lots of traffic in and out your home, the powerful suction on this vacuum will be able to pull dirt from deep in the carpet to help make your home cleaner. The multi-level filtration filter is washable, so that will help you save future costs since you won’t have to regularly replace the filter.

The color of this vacuum is nothing short of fun! Even the name of the color, Samba Orange, is fun! You could sum this vacuum up as both fun and efficient. The crevice tool will allow you to dig deep to clean down in the couch cushions, and the TurboBrush Tool is perfect for cleaning stairs, curtains, and more.

The 25 ft. power cord will let you go from room to room and continue cleaning without having to stop and unplug it every time you turn around. An additional feature that will make your cleaning job easier is that this vacuum has a large capacity Easy Empty dirt tank. So you won’t be constantly interrupted while vacuuming, because the canister will take a while to fill.

8. Shark NV105 Navigator Light Upright Vacuum (Blue)


The Shark NV105 Navigator Light Upright Vacuum is a super lightweight vacuum weighing only 10.6 lbs. It will actually clean your carpet and your hard flooring without an adjustment needed.

So you can just go from carpet, to hard flooring, back to carpet and never have to flip a switch! It may not work as well on shag carpet, but it is great on low pile carpets. The large capacity bagless dust container is another plus. Then when it fills up, emptying it is very easy. It has a latch at the bottom of the chamber that you can open.

So you would just hold it over the trash can and drop the dirt into the trash. You wouldn’t even have to pop the canister out! This Shark NV105 Navigator Light is compact enough to store easily if you don’t have lots of storage space in your utility room. It sure packs a big punch for its size.

The combination crevice & dusting brush tools for cleaning things like furniture, curtains, ceilings, etc. are attached to the machine itself. That way you don’t have to worry about misplacing one of the tools while you are on a cleaning frenzy. It will be right there on the machine, just waiting to be used.

You will be able to carry this Shark Navigator up and down the stairs easily since it is so lightweight. The price on this one is bearable at $106.17. If you want lightweight, this is a good option.

9. Hoover WindTunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum, UH30600, Red

The Hover WindTunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum has three channels of wind technology that will help to lift and remove any hidden dirt from your carpet. While we see what is on the top of our carpets, there is so much more dirt and dust lurking around underneath it.

It does have vacuum bags, but some people prefer using a bag over using a bagless vacuum because of dust that stirs up when dumping a canister. So using a vacuum that requires a bag prevents that. You can use this vacuum on carpet and hard floors. Just hit the foot pedal switch to go from carpet to hard flooring.

It has a HEPA Media Filter that traps 99.97{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns. This model gives you more height options as well, with 7 adjustment settings. It is 18.4 lbs., so it does weigh a bit more, and it runs about $128.99.

One handy feature on this vacuum is that it has a Full indicator. So when your bag is full and needs to be replaced, that indicator will let you know. It also has a system indicator that alerts you if there is a clog in the line, as well as when a filter needs to be replaced.

The attachments with this vacuum will let you do crevice cleaning, upholstery, ceilings, furniture. It even reaches high for fans and crown molding! If weight isn’t an issue for you, this is a good vacuum to consider.

10. Hoover React Professional Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum, UH73201, Gray

The Hoover React Professional Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum has a built in Floor Sense technology that will automatically sense the flooring type it is on and then make adjustments needed in order to clean that flooring type!

This will also help to keep dirt from flying around when you go from carpet to hard flooring. It will light up a word, like wood or carpet, to show which flooring type it is set on. That’s pretty impressive.

It has deep cleaning power, which is great for pet owners or big families with a lot of kids and active homes. It even has headlights to help you see places you wouldn’t see otherwise. The dirt canister is easy to remove so you can dump it out and then wipe it clean.

This Hoover React vacuum does weigh 17.8 lbs., but again if weight is not an issue for you this is a great choice! If you like high tech gadgets, this vacuum is more your speed. The HEPA filter will remove dust and allergens, and it is washable as well.

The attachments are easy to assemble and will allow you to clean furniture, ceilings, curtains, etc. There is also a Hoover app you could download that will help you to customize your cleaning experience with the machine, access tips, and also maintain your vacuum for optimized performance.

Talk about high tech! The Hoover React Professional Pet Bagless runs around $178.00. With all it’s high tech features, that price is certainly justified.

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