Best Waffle Irons

Best Waffle Irons 2019

It’s time to graduate from frozen waffles. You think you like waffles, but if you’ve never had a homemade waffle on your very own waffle iron, there’s a significant piece of your life missing.


How can you get the same type of waffle that appears on your plate at fancy hotels and breakfast bars?


Waffles are a breakfast, lunch, and dinner food. People make them thick and thin, sweet and hilariously savory (chicken and waffles, we’re looking at you!)


Embrace your creative inner chef and get the right equipment to serve waffles whenever you want and not from the freezer aisle.


Don’t worry. We know you’re ready to upgrade, and we’ve put together a list of our favorite waffle irons, plus answered a few questions you might have about how to choose one. Let’s take a look.


How do I choose a waffle iron?

There are a few fundamental questions you have to answer before narrowing down the type of waffle iron you need.


At its heart, it’s a straightforward machine, but if you’re going to invest in a waffle maker, it helps to decide what kind of waffle you’re hoping for.


Thick or Thin?

Classic waffles are thin and crispy. They’re like fried donuts or crepes. Weird company, maybe, but thin waffles have a super crispy layer on the outside and a soft, pillowy layer inside. If you want that consistency, you need a thin based waffle iron.


Belgian waffles are huge. They’re cake donuts and pancakes. They are soft and pillowy with the same crispy outside, but a lot more substantial in the middle. You need a deep base to hold a lot of batter.


What shape?

Sure you can have circles. Circles are comforting. However, you can also have squares, hearts, or Darth Vader’s face. Seriously. If there’s a shape that makes your heart light up, chances are, there’s a waffle maker for that.

Classic waffle shapes are square or round. Some waffle makes also help you get the Liege-style edge, which is an uneven edge particular to that kind of Belgian waffle.

You can also get some unconventional shapes in both the thin and thick styles. Some offer the chance to have hearts or famous characters. Novelty waffle irons aren’t always a durable quality, but there are some out there that provide excellent durability and even cooking times.

Electric or Stovetop?

Yes, if you have a pioneer spirit, you can get a waffle iron that’s heated directly on the stove. If you don’t have a lot of space, these tend to be smaller and more comfortable to store without cords. The downside is that you must be sure they heat evenly, or you’ll have burned spots on your waffles.

If you get a stovetop waffle iron, look for one that’s dark metal so that it will cook more evenly. Make sure the iron sits flush with your stove, and invest in some covers for the handles. It’s also helpful if it goes in the dishwasher, but as long as it has a non-stick surface, hand cleaning should be fine.

Electric waffle irons heat the batter evenly, leaving less for you to have to control. There’s little guesswork once you get the hang of how much batter to pour and how long to leave the waffle in. With these, it a matter of how many waffles you want to cook at once and your preferred shape.

The downside is that some of them are large and require more dedicated storage space. If you get a model with a lockable lid, it can be stored upright.

Are you cooking anything else?

What else is there to cook besides waffles? A lot of things. You can create a waffle style base for pizza, cookies, grilled cheese, or French toast. If you think you want to cook other types of things, go for a bigger base so you can have more flexibility in what you prepare.

Other Features


It’s easiest if the entire thing comes apart so that you can immerse the metal grill and clean it out thoroughly. If it doesn’t, it isn’t the end of the world. You can get ones that are coated with a material such as Teflon to make scooping out the remaining batter a lot easier.


Some waffle irons come with removable plates so you can cook a variety of pressed foods, not just waffles. They have sandwich plates in addition to waffles, for examples.

Cooking control

Some models of waffle iron are flippable to help even out cooking, especially those that cook Belgian waffles. Others offer specific browning controls so you can decide precisely how brown you want your waffle to finish.

To control mess during cooking, some models catch any drips coming from the base before it hits your countertop. It makes it easier to clean up and keep things under control even if you misestimate the amount of batter you need to make your waffle.

Farberware Removable plate Waffle Maker, 2 slices, silver

Faberware’s removable plate waffle maker makes classic square shaped waffles. This is the waffle you remember from childhood. They’re nice and thin, crispy on the outside and soft inside. If you’re looking for a basic waffle maker without a lot of fancy additions, but still cooks more than just a single waffle, this is a good choice.

It cooks two slices at a time to get breakfast on the table quicker. When you’re done, the plates remove so that you can clean them thoroughly. They are dishwasher safe and non-stick. Non-stick plates get what can be some very stuck on batter off a plate without soaking or working too much.

The indicator light lets you know when the iron is the perfect temperature to cook, and the power light tells you that it’s on and working. Be careful just after cooking as this waffle iron can be very hot.

The lid itself locks in place, so you have more options for storage. It can store upright, or you can stack it flat. The iron itself is on the larger side, so the ability to store it in a few different ways helps to make up for the size of the waffle maker and makes it easier for you to have a larger one in your kitchen.

It’s an attractive silver, and the company provides a two-year warranty. It cooks evenly and gives you the classic waffle feeling in a slightly larger cooking surface.

Bella Rotating Waffle Maker, Black

Bella’s waffle maker makes lovely Belgian style waffles. It allows you to use a variety of batters including gluten-free and wheat-free batters. There’s a thick stand to make sure it stays stable while cooking and then rotating.

It rotates 180 degrees to ensure even cooking. It has a one-flip style so that your waffles turn out evenly. It has browning knob so you can have more control over how done the outside of your waffle is. There are nine settings in total.

A light comes on to let you know that the waffle iron is on and heating up. A second indicator light tells you that the waffle is hot enough to start cooking. Once you get started, there’s a drip catcher to make sure that the batter doesn’t get all over you counter if you accidentally overfill.

The adjustable temperature control gives you more options for cooking if you decide to make things other than waffles. The surface is only large enough for one waffle, but it will make a pretty substantial waffle despite this.

Once you’re finished, the plates do not remove, but it is a non-stick surface. Once it cools, you can wipe it down pretty easy and clean out the drip tray.

There’s a locking lid feature, so you have some other options for how to store the waffle maker. You can leave it standing up, or stack it flat. It has a classic silver and black design, which looks good for any type of kitchen whether you leave it out or stow it away.

Krampouz Double Waffle Irons 180 Opening ( WECCHBAT)

Krampouz makes kitchen tools in a commercial kitchen style. If you want the ability to cook waffles in large quantities, this is the waffle maker for you. It makes four waffles at a time in the classic waffle style but with Liege-style uneven edges.

It has a 180-degree opening that’s appropriate for both batter and dough. The controls are highly customizable. You can adjust the temperature from 122 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s non-stick and easy to clean with non-stick surfaces.

There are cast steel plates for highly even cooking no matter what type of batter you use. The frame is commercial steel. The entire appliance is durable, and despite the monetary investment, it will last your lifetime and probably into the next.

An indicator light comes on to tell you that the appliance is on and heating up. A second light tells you when the best time is to begin cooking. Once you’re finished cooking, the plates are easy to remove to wash. They are dishwasher friendly, and the nonstick coating ensures they’ll come out clean every single time. The built-in drip tray keeps the batter from getting all over the counter, and it’s removable to clean more efficiently.

One downside is the sheer size of the waffle iron, but it can be stored flat. If you have the space in your kitchen, this is an investment appliance that will produce professional style waffles with an easy flip. This is the waffle maker if you want to take your waffles to a new level.

Adcraft WM 6D/S Waffle Maker 4″ x 6″ Double

Adcraft’s waffle maker is a classic waffle maker that’s heavy duty and offers a little bit more control than standard home appliances. The plates open up 90 degrees, and they heat up evenly and more importantly, quickly.

It takes about two minutes to cook a waffle all the way through, a service your family or friends will appreciate. The manual temperature control allows you to decide what the best way is to cook your waffle.

A light indicates that the waffle iron is receiving power and is ready to cook. A second light tells you that it’s the perfect time to start cooking. The waffles cook evenly into a classic, thin, square shape. They cook to an even golden brown.

It has cast iron waffle plates, but a cool to the touch bakelite handle to reduce the risk of burns. It has removable stainless steel drip tray that cleans quickly, and the nonstick surface of the iron makes it easy to clean it out once it has cooled down. It includes a waffle fork to make removing waffles easier.

It cooks two square waffles on a four by six iron. The unit is on the larger side, so you’ll need to make arrangements for storing a larger appliance, but the speed which it cooks and the ability to control the temperature more minutely make this an excellent choice for those who consider themselves more than just hobby chefs.

Chef’s Choice Wafflepro Five of Hearts Electric Waffle Maker

Chef’s Choice is an adorable waffle maker that makes small heart-shaped waffles connect together in the shape of a circle. It’s a really adorable way to produce waffles for your family for a party.

It has two different setting so you can cook waffles quickly, or add a little more batter for a thicker, Belgian style waffle. The fast bake option gives you the classic waffle texture with a crispy exterior and a soft exterior. The deep option gives you a thicker, more even texture. They cook fast, just about 90 seconds.

The unique quad baking option also allows you to choose the color and flavor as well. The temperature dial lets you select a more golden color or a deeper brown. The nonstick surface requires no oil and makes cleaning much more manageable.

A light lets you know when the griddle has finished heating, and a beep sounds when your waffle has finished cooking, making it a lot easier to get the perfect waffle without burning it. It doesn’t flip, but the ready light allows you to do other things while cooking your waffle without worrying about burning.

It’s easy to clean by wiping it out, and although there’s no drip tray, storage is simple. It can be locked in place to store upright, and the cord slips neatly under the base and out of sight. It’s an adorable way to make waffles, but it does create a really soft, very fast waffle in crowd-pleasing shapes.

Hamilton Beach Belgian-Style Waffle Maker, Model# 26071

Hamilton Beach cooks Belgian style waffles. It’s a simple, small waffle maker, but it makes waffles consistently well. You just plug it in and wait for the indicator light to tell you that the waffle iron is hot enough to begin cooking. Once done, unplug it, clean it, and pack it away for next time.

It takes about ten minutes from start to finish, and the nonstick surface makes cooking multiple waffles easier without stopping to scrape out leftover waffle. This is a simple to use unit that basically gives you a light to indicate that it’s on and heating up, and a different light to show you that it’s ready.

Once you finish, just unplug the unit and wait for it to cool down. The plates don’t remove, but the surface is very non-stick, and it’s easy to clean out remaining bits of waffle with a paper towel or a damp rag.

There’s no drip tray so you’ll need to be more careful about how much batter you use, but the single waffle design does make it easier to estimate the amount. Once finished, the lid locks so that you can store it upright or stacked. It has a smaller footprint so you won’t need as much space if you have a smaller kitchen.

It’s an attractive, all black design that fits in well with almost any style of kitchen. It gives you a full-sized waffle from an appliance with a smaller, easier to store footprint.

Oster Duraceramic Infusion Series Belgian 4-slices Waffle Maker, Charcoal


Oster’s Belgian style waffle maker is a highly efficient ceramic appliance that ensures your waffles are cooked quickly and evenly every single time. It has a unique infused ceramic that allows you to cook evenly without using oil. In this surface, olive oil is infused directly into the ceramic surface.

The ceramic surface lasts a lot longer than standard cooking surfaces and cooks nearly 29{fffda5821221095244e1b4fc9990ad7bbd11aee727c166097361542a0a2fb25a} faster than other nonstick surfaces. It never flakes or peels, so it won’t put your family at risk of ingesting harmful materials.

When you turn it on, a light tells you that it’s receiving power and beginning to heat up. A second light comes on to tell you that the cooking surface is ready. There are no controls to master or decisions to make. The appliance decides the perfect temperature for your waffle and handles everything from there.

It cooks four waffles at a time so you can get breakfast on the table really fast. Once you’re done, unplug the appliance and wait for it to cool. The surface is easy to wipe down for cleaning. It locks in place so that you can store it upright and it has a skinny profile to slip into tighter spaces in your kitchen. It will serve you well if you’re worried about the type of surface you cook your food on but still want the benefit of a non-stick surface.

The proprietary infused ceramic is a unique product in a waffle iron. You won’t find it anywhere else on the list. It’s a convenient, easily cleanable, and easily storable appliance.

Black & Decker 3 in 1 Waffle Maker & Indoor Grill/Griddle, Silver, Gray

Black and Decker offers you a flexible appliance you can use for many different things instead of buying separate appliances. It’s a waffle maker, a griddle, and an indoor grill all on one interchangeable surface. The waffle plates make four waffles at once so you can get food on the table more quickly.

There are two eight-inch square cooking plates, one on top of the hinge and one on the bottom. The plates are interchangeable for all three different types of cooking. It opens up completely to form a griddle for eggs and other foods grilled indoors.

It has grease channels to send grease away from food and to keep it from dripping on your counter. It’s nonstick, so it’s easy to remove food and to clean. The plates remove completely and are dishwasher safe. It’s an efficient, easy to master machine that doesn’t have a lot of fancy settings but does give you plenty of cooking choices.

It has three different heat control options, low, medium, and high to give you a little more control over how you cook. It has chrome housing and stay-cool black synthetic handles. The entire appliance is convenient to store, and it fits in really well with a variety of different kitchens.

This appliance is for you if you like a variety of different cooking surfaces and styles, but you’re limited in your storage space. It allows you to be flexible in how you cook all in one convenient machine.

Croquade Traditional Waffle Plate


The Croquade waffle maker is a simple, traditional Belgian style waffle maker that cooks evenly and consistently. It has a back and forth rotating feature distributes batter evenly and helps cook everything better.

When you plug the machine in, an indicator light comes on to tell you that the machine is getting ready, and a second indicator light lets you know when to begin cooking. It has eight temperature control settings so you can have more control over how cooked you want your waffle. You can have a soft, light waffle, or something more crispy.

It rotates 180 degrees to make cooking more even. Both sides of the iron heat up, so your waffles cook better and more quickly. It’s cast aluminum and nonstick, so it’s easy to get your waffle out and clean up afterward.

The non-locking lid allows for waffles to expand depending on the type of batter you use. It makes two waffles side by side in a square style. There’s a deep iron section so you can get more batter in. There’s no drip catcher, but the plates are easy for you to clean. You can just remove them and wash them thoroughly.

This one is a very traditional type of waffle maker made by a company in Belgium. It’s a very conventional waffle type to add to your breakfast rotation from a company that brings quality and long-lasting products. It’s a classic style that fits well with any type of kitchen design and folds up well for storage.

Black & Decker G49TD Grill and Waffle Baker, gray

This is another three in one appliance that gives you a lot of different options. It has non-stick reversible plates that remove for easy cleaning and other cooking styles. It comes with a waffle iron and a grill plate. It opens up completely to transform from a press to a grill.

Grease channels funnel grease away from the food into a container placed under the channel. You can use a container that’s easy to clean out and dishwasher safe. You can choose between three different temperature controls for better cooking.

Because the plates are removable, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to clean things out. Just remove the plate and scrub away any food. The plates are durable and will last a long time of breakfasts.

It has a chrome housing and cool-touch black synthetic handles. It’s a classic chrome, and black design fits in well with most kitchens. Once you unplug the unit, the cord wraps around the unit and the entire appliance stores upright, so you have a lot more options for where to put it.

This is another unit that gives you a lot of options if you don’t have space for a lot of different appliances. It’s great for households that enjoy different types of cooking and complements your existing oven well for breakfasts plus a host of other kinds of meals.

What’s your waffle iron must-have? Let us know in the comments below.

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