Honest Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review: Don’t Buy Echo 3rd Generation Until You Read This!

Honest Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review: Don’t Buy Echo 3rd Generation Until You Read This!


If you have been looking for an honest Echo Dot 3rd Generation review, then you are at the right place. And we will appreciate you reading this review before actually buying it.

Read through our in-depth review about this Echo Dot 3rd Generation to make a sound buying decision.


Quick overview- What is the Amazon Echo Dot?

I bring good news; that the echo dot manufacturers just designed a new device that is bound to be a game changer in the speaker market.


I figured out that we should all be on board before diving into the details of this amazing product. So, I will start by explaining what the Amazon Echo Dot is. It is a puck-like speaker that was created by Amazon and has a firm Alexa voice assistance built in.


Here’s a Quick Video On Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation.





The new version, which is the 3rd generation that I am reviewing today, comes with soft and more rounded body shape.


I also noticed that it is slightly bigger from all the sides. It has a diameter of 99mm and is 43mm tall.


At the back of the gadget is a power socket that has replaced the micro USB that we were all used to. There is also a standard 3.5mm analog socket that connects to the stereo.


At the top, we have the volume buttons, microphone mute button, and the action button. You can make use of the Bluetooth feature to stream music or anything from the speaker to your phone or any other device to the echo dot.


Therefore, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker.


Enhanced sound

The new design comes with an improved speaker that you will fall in love with, just like I did.


The sound fires from the fabric sides of the echo dot 3rd generation, instead of the plastic top like we experienced in the other models. Therefore, it projects sounds to all corners of the room at an amazing volume.


The manufacturers have also done a good job on the speaker quality. Although I do not expect it to outdo the larger speakers, you are assured of value for your money. It actually outshines Google’s home mini.


I noticed that the highs are quite crispy and the mids are punchy. Although there is no real bass, the new Dot is still a good bargain for a small speaker.


You can feed it with vocals and guitars from something such as the live version of Hotel California and you will be amazed at the warm, inviting tone. Classics like Jupiter also have a well-rounded quality. The dot is surely doing better than Dr. Dre’s still.


The speaker can get quite loud too, although not as good as Google’s home mini. The audio also starts distorting when you put maximum volume on the high-energy tracks.



Now, let’s look at the major reason that you would buy the echo dot in the first place – the Alexa. Well, the hardware I just reviewed is only half of the story, and here is the rest of it. The strength of smart speakers lies in the capability of the voice assistants within them


The Alexa is a first-rate performer. It has a four-microphone array that can hear minute details such as the cooker hood going full pelt or when you are playing music at its maximum volume.


The Alexa also sounds pretty well on the speakers. Some time back, Alexa was among the first two of the smart speaker assistants in the market.


This is no longer the case, and the competition is quite stiff. When you compare Alexa and Google assistant, in most instances, they are almost the same.


It works great when you use it for podcasts, news briefing, setting several alarms, and playing radio stations.


It has a lot of apps (skills), including those from utilities like the national rail app, news publishers like the Guardian and games like the escape room. So, you can use it for several things and still be happy with its performance.


I noticed that the user can change Alexa’s wake word, which is the word it listens out for while dormant so that it can activate.


While Alexa is the default, other options include the Echo, Amazon, and computer. This prevents the speaker from responding to Alex the human or Dot.




    • Easy setup and integration


    • Enhanced Alexa app


    • Better call quality


    • Small, fabric design


    • Sound quality isn’t the most superior


    • No auxiliary cable is in the package




There is so much fuss going on about the echo dot 3rd generation speaker, and I understand why this is the case.


With all honesty, the echo dot has offered more than what a regular smart speaker can, and it remains the leading player in the park.


It was originally designed to deliver easy and affordable access to Alexa and was barely about sound quality.


Apart from making Alexa’s voice audible and playing at its regular volume that could barely serve as an alarm system, the device’s best job was to act as the sound source for a much larger speaker system.


However, the latest echo dot (3rd generation) is a game changer.


I am excited to announce that gone are the days of a boring and poor sound quality design. The latest echo dot is bigger and powerful than all the previous versions. It is retailing from $50 and now has a proper speaker.


What is the Price of Echo Dot 3rd Generation?

The echo dot is currently retailing at $50. However, the price may vary from retailer to another. So, you may want to shop around before settling for a particular one. It is available in black, white and grey.


Warranty information

The gadget comes with a 90-day limited service and warranty. If you want option one, two and three years extended warranty, you will have to pay a separate amount for that.


How long will it last?

Amazon has a proven record of making high-quality echo devices. Now that this one comes with firmware updates and upgrades to increase the efficiency of Alexa assistant, we can expect more from it.


Do not let the 90-day warranty shock you, because usually Amazon offers a one year warranty. The fact that this one comes with a reduced period means that they have more confidence in the device.




The 3rd generation echo dot is clearly an upgrade from the previous versions. I recommend you to buy it if the features appeal to you.


After all, we cannot ignore the fact that it sounds better, hears better and even looks better. While it is not better than the conventional large speakers, it is a device worth investing your money.

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